Art in America, 1 Nov 1990
By William P. Scott
In two concurrent exhibitions, Emily Mason showed paintings at Borgenicht and, at Associated American Artists, mixed-medium prints. Although Mason has exhibited works on paper in two smaller solo shows at Borgenicht – in 1984 and 1987 – she’s never shown a large group of prints, and it’s been years since she has shown paintings in New York.Emily Mason’s vision is abstract and liquid but does not change significantly from medium to medium. Her work achieves a unique and refined individuality, yet Mason is hardly unconventional. Like several other abstract artists of her generation, notably…

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Newsday, 8 Apr 1980
By Malcolm Preston
While the connection isn’t really clear or obvious, Emily Mason’s abstractions, on view at Gallery North in Setauket, seem to reflect nature. Perhaps, it is due to her use of color, or to the vitality of her gestures. Certainly the references suggested by her titles point us in the direction of nature. Yet these are non-objective, non-representational works. None of the 20 oils on paper or the two larger paintings on canvas have any specific landscape-based images. What these paintings have is a certain ambiguity of form and tone and movement, which we tend to associate with our own past…

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By David L. Shirey
There are those who assert that Abstract Expressionism is a dead issue. They insist that it has been exhausted thoroughly as an esthetic and as an expressive vehicle. Thus, when any artist is characterized as an Abstract Expressionist, it is almost automatically assumed that he is left over from a past era or is someone with an obsolete palette. But Abstract Expressionism is still very much alive. There are contemporary artists who bring something new and original to it, who derive from it fresh discoveries. One of them is Emily Mason, whose paintings are on view at Gallery North. When…

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